Next Level Leadership with LMC Phoenix

At LMC Phoenix, leadership is a title that is earned, not given. As a merit-based business, we put a ton of stock in how hard our people work and how willing they are to help their peers succeed. While high productivity plays a factor, anyone promoted into a leadership role must exhibit selflessness, fearless dedication, and an eagerness to help others achieve their goals. Being a team player is in our job descriptions for entry-level employees because we hope that every individual we welcome aboard will one day play a role in growing our business.

Why are we sharing with you this rundown of how we view leaders in our office? Because today’s blog is focused on helping you, our reader, take your leadership skills to the next level. We have years of experience under our belt and are excited to share some seasoned advice!

Be open to learning from others

Any successful leader will tell you that they learn from every individual they encounter. Learning opportunities surround you; embrace them! As you start to climb the ladder to success, don’t let your ego get out of hand. Instead, spend as much time with your entry-level team members as you do with your high-producers. Give yourself the chance to sharpen your skills and your relationships with others by being open to gaining knowledge at every turn!

Be a strong example

When you are a leader, all eyes are on you. Make sure your actions are representing the habits you want your team to build. If you show up late to work every day, they will soon follow suit. If you tackle every obstacle with a negative attitude, so will your people. Before acting, you have to think through your next steps and how your decisions affect your office. Leading others is a huge responsibility. So, before accepting the position, you need to think it through and decide if you are ready for the challenges to come.

Always have a plan b

There is nothing worse than not being prepared when something derails your plans. In normal circumstances, it’s a hindrance. However, when you are the leader, whether you are prepared or not is the difference between failure and success. To be a next-level leader, you always have to have a plan b on the back burner; this way, you can remain calm and collected when a challenge arises. When you’re always prepared, your team will start to look to you for guidance and will respect you and your position.

Again, at LMC Phoenix, we take leadership very seriously. The three tips we listed today are good starter habits and will help anyone looking to up their skills. However, if you want to be a leader that others are eager to follow, you must be willing to go the extra mile. Remember, when you accept the leadership title, you are opening up your life to helping others.

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